Tuesday, September 19

My favorite Café

For the last 8 years i used to go out for cafes we already have here in Cairo more than thousands cafe,My favorite cafes which on the alley way between two side streets and there is too many in Cairo downtown.

But if you were in Alexandria in the summer you will found yourself surprised with the number of cafes there long the beach road in...you dont know how comfort is that.

There is a lot of cafes in Egypt have a trade mark like COSTA , CILANTRO , A&W , BENOUS , CARIONS ,ORO ,CHILS ,and the most of them are Italian and they have a lot of branches in Cairo & Alexandria.

CILANTRO is one of my most favorite cafes here and I think that this is due to the way the successful management there,They become the first in this area,CILANTRO have wonderful charisma & modern atmosphere maybe you cant feel it outside this cafe.

One of the reasons for the increased popularity of CILANTRO The monthly magazine published by talented teenager stuff.

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